0821 – KCP presents ‘Remembering Howard Frank Mosher’

Vermont filmmaker Jay Craven will hit the road this summer, for a series of film screenings and personal reflections to pay tribute to his 30-year collaborator, Northeast Kingdom writer, Howard Frank Mosher. He will screen his film and present reflections on his work with Mosher at 7pm, Monday, August 21st, at the Haskell Opera House in Derby Line.

“Howard Mosher died pretty unexpectedly in late January,” said Craven. “And many Vermonters already miss him for his laugh-out-loud humor and fertile imagination of our place. Writers miss him, too, because no one was more generous with his time and support.”

Craven will open each evening with prepared and off-the-cuff reflections, “My Life, So Far, With Howard,” that explore his long collaboration with Mosher. He will then present a 25th Anniversary screening of his first Mosher feature film, “Where the Rivers Flow North,” starring Academy Award nominee Rip Torn, Native American actress Tantoo Cardinal (“Dances with Wolves,” “Legends of the Fall”), and Michael J. Fox.

“Howard was much more than a source for our film stories and characters,” said Craven. “He was also a constant ally, a ready source of laughs, and a steadying influence in times of strain. This was especially crucial during our struggles with headstrong actor Rip Torn on the filming of “Rivers.” I will tell a few tales that have not been publically shared before—because they capture a rarely seen side of Howard and his work.”

Set in 1927 in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, “Where the Rivers Flow North” tells the story of an old logger, Noel Lord, and his Native American mate, Bangor, who face the extinction of their way of life when the local power company plans to build a giant hydro dam that will flood them off their land. Lord and Bangor face emotional and physical challenges as they struggle with the power company, Vermont’s unforgiving terrain, and their own thorny relationship.

“Where the Rivers Flow North” played more than thirty festival dates including Sundance, Seattle, Avignon, Vienna, and Vancouver. Special screenings include The Smithsonian, Lincoln Center, and Harvard Film Archive. The picture was also one of three U.S. finalists for Critics Week, Cannes International Film Festival. Critical comments include: “Breathtakingly beautiful.” (Bob Mondello, NPR); “A freshness rarely seen on screen.” (Caryn James, NY Times); “Powerful and unconventional.” (Geoff Gilmore, director, Sundance Film Festival) and “Remarkable performances” (actor Gregory Peck).

The Mosher Tribute tour is produced by Kingdom County Productions with sponsorship support from Vermont Public Radio.

0729 – An Evening with the Durham County Poets

Tickets are $20 PAR available at the Box Office on the evening of the show. The Box Office will open at 6.30 pm.

The Durham County Poets are a lively and soulful group, who write and perform an eclectic blend of blues, folk and rock, with tinges of country, gospel and swing tossed in for good measure.

They are five seasoned musicians, all of whom are songwriters, who work together individually and collaboratively in composing their music. Delving into a variety of styles and genres, their musical influences include a broad range of artists. From The Band to Dire Straits, Leon Redbone to James Taylor and Neil Young, they have managed to put it all together to create their own musical style. The obvious joie de vivre expressed while performing together is reflected in the good-time feel that the band creates, which has been captivating their audiences consistently since their inception 6 years ago.

Fronted by Kevin Harvey, a self proclaimed blues crooner on lead vocals, The Durham County Poets also feature David Whyte on electric and acoustic guitars and vocals, Neil Elsmore on acoustic guitar and vocals, Carl Rufh on double bass and vocals and James Preimel on drums and percussion.

0728 – An Evening with The Slocan Ramblers

An Evening with The Slocan Ramblers

Doors open at 6.30 pm. Concert begins at 7.30 pm. Tickets: $20 CAD online or at the door.

Reserve your seats now by clicking on this link

The Slocan Ramblers are Canada’s young bluegrass band to watch. Rooted in the tradition, fearlessly creative, and possessing a bold, dynamic sound, The Slocans (2015 Edmonton Folk Fest Emerging Artist Award recipients), have quickly become a leading light of Canada’s roots music scene, built on their reputation for energetic live shows, impeccable musicianship and their uncanny ability to convert anyone within earshot into a lifelong fan.

On their new album, Coffee Creek (2015) The Slocan Ramblers blend lightning fast and devilishly intricate instrumentals with the sawdust-thick vocals of singer Frank Evans, who takes lead on songs ranging from rowdy old-time numbers like “Groundhog,” to a Dustbowl classic like Woody Guthrie’s “Pastures of Plenty.” “Toronto audiences don’t respond to a clean, polished Nashville sound,” tune composer and mandolinist Adrian Gross explains. “They dig a lot of energy in their music, a rowdy bar vibe. They’re hard to win over.” But The Slocan Ramblers have won them over, moving from a young ensemble of bluegrass pickers to one of the best known Canadian roots bands. They’ve done this by staying true to the roots of the music, not seeking to revive anything but rather to tap the rough and rowdy heart of the music.

This is roots music without pretension, music intended to make you feel something, music to get you moving in a crowded bar. The Slocan Ramblers recorded Coffee Creek the same way they perform on stage: standing up, leaning into the music, and pushing harder and harder for that edge just beyond.

The Slocans are:

Frank Evans: Banjo

Adrian Gross: Mandolin

Darryl Poulsen: Guitar

Alastair Whitehead: Bass


“Traditional Album of the Year Nominee” – Canadian Folk Music Awards (2016)

“Emerging Artist Award” – Edmonton Folk Fest (2015)

“The Slocan Ramblers put on one of the most vibrant shows of acoustic music I’ve seen in some time. It’s rare for Canadians (especially young Canadians) to play this music with such authority, passion and yet ability for experimentation. Chops galore, and a handsome bunch of fellas” – Tom Power – Host of CBC’s “q”

“This Canadian quartet captures the breadth and depth of bluegrass that bands in the chilly North aspire to. […] If you’ve grown tired of the same old sounds, here’s a band who reinvents a genre that’s growing through many changes of late.” – Bluegrass Unlimited

0705 – An Evening with Whitehorse

An Evening with Whitehorse at The Haskell. July 5 2017.

An Evening with Whitehorse at The Haskell. July 5 2017.

Breaking news – and it really is great news !

For the Whitehorse concert on Wednesday, July 5th…

We’ve got a new $20 General Admission ticket price in addition to the $49 VIP Ticket Package with Reserved Seats in the First Three Rows.

$20 CAD to see one of the hottest bands in the land in performance at one of the coolest venues on the planet.

Buy your tickets now and get ready for a fantastic show 🙂

Box Office opens at 5 pm. Doors open at 6.30 pm. Concert begins at 7.30 pm.

“It’s a marriage made in musical heaven. Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland, the husband and wife team who comprise the folk roots group Whitehorse, each have lengthy solo careers and storied musical histories. Together, as Whitehorse, they blend their talents to reach new heights of sonic synergy. It’s a musical marriage that functions like any good marriage should, bringing out the best of both partners…

“Whitehorse became a force on the Canadian music scene with the release of their self-titled debut album in 2011. A short album, clocking in at only 24 minutes, it showcased the duo’s musical chemistry and paid tribute to the sonic building blocks on which the band was founded. Among the album’s tracks were some of the pair’s older songs – a reworking of McClelland’s “Passenger 24” and a revamping of Doucet’s “Broken” – as well as a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire” that has become the band’s signature encore number during live performances.

“True to their promise to release a full-length record in quick succession, Whitehorse followed up in 2012 with The Fate of the World Depends on This Kiss. The album delivered a smouldering seductiveness only hinted at in the earlier recording. McClelland and Doucet play to one another’s strengths, pairing her pure vocals and penchant for looping experimentation against his smoking guitar virtuosity. Their talents meld seamlessly into bluesy, surf-tinged and rockabilly-rinsed tracks that are equal parts melody and atmosphere.

“In live performances, the musical and romantic chemistry of the pair takes centre stage. Often sharing a mic, guitar necks angled out to form a heart-shape around them as they stand cheek to cheek, their performance becomes a ritual dance. Duelling guitars are traded for turns laying down vocals and percussion for a layered feedback loop, and seemingly random licks are gathered into a complex dénouement as Whitehorse moves apart and merges together again. Their performances are truly a celebration of the complementary talents which Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland have honed in their separate careers.”
– National Music Centre.

Whitehorse’s profile has grown exponentially with each release. They now sell out Massey Hall, one of Canada’s most prestigious venues. Last year, Whitehorse won a Juno Award and performed on the award’s live television broadcast to millions. Press highlights in the USA, include airtime on NPR’s Morning Edition and Weekend Edition, and coverage from Rolling Stone, the Wall Street Journal, Paste and more.

And now one of the hottest bands on tour is coming to the coolest music venue on the planet. #MeetMeAtTheHaskell on July 5th for Whitehorse !


Une soirée électrisante en compagnie de Whitehorse à l’amphithéâtre du Haskell, le 5 juillet 2017.

Les billets coutent 49 $ VIP ou 20 $ Admission générale — Pas de réservations. Billets disponibles via Picatic, au https://www.picatic.com/WhitehorseAtTheHaskell, ou au guichet le jour même du concert.

Le guichet de la billetterie sera accessible dès 17 h, et les portes seront ouvertes à compter de 18 h 30. Le concert débutera à 19 h 30.

Il s’agit d’un mariage célébré par les anges du ciel de la musique. Luke Doucet, et son épouse Melissa McClellan forment le duo musical aux racines folkloriques connu sous le nom « Whitehorse ». Ils ont tous deux connu de longues carrières en solo, ponctués d’une histoire musicale bien étayée. Depuis la fondation de Whitehorse, ils ont fusionné leurs talents pour atteindre de nouveaux sommets sur le plan de leur synergie acoustique. Ils forment une alliance musicale à l’image de leur union, qui sait faire ressortir le meilleur de chacun, comme il se doit…

Whitehorse est devenu une attraction à surveiller de la scène musicale canadienne depuis la sortie de leur premier album éponyme en 2011. Un album court, d’une durée de seulement 24 minutes, a su présenter la chimie musicale unique du duo, et rendent un vibrant hommage aux assises acoustiques sur lesquels la musique du duo a été fondée. Nous retrouvons, parmi les titres sur l’album, quelques chansons révolues, comme une refonte de “Passenger 24” de la plume de McClellan, et un remaniement de “Broken”, de la collection à Doucet – ainsi qu’une interprétation de “I’m On Fire », de Bruce Springsteen, qui est devenu le numéro fétiche du duo lors de performances en direct.

Fidèle à leur promesse de lancer un album complet en succession rapide, Whitehorse est revenu en trombe dès 2012 avec ‘The Fate of the World Depends on This Kiss’. L’album a su livrer une séduction ardente insoupçonnable sur l’enregistrement précédent. McClelland et Doucet savent chacun tirer le meilleur de l’autre, associant les chants et le penchant pour l’expérimentation en boucle de Melissa contre la virtuosité enflammée de la guitare de Luke. Leurs talents s’amalgament en pistes de blues, marinées de surf, et saucées dans les effluves du rockabilly, qui se fondent et se morfondent en portions analogues de mélodie et d’atmosphère.

Lors de leurs prestations musicales, leur chimie musicale et romantique brille de mille feux sur la scène. En partageant un seul et même micro, les manches de leurs guitares s’inclinent pour former un cœur sont les bras les encadrent en jouant joue contre joue, et leur prestation se transforme en danse rituelle. Les duels de guitares se métamorphosent en vocalises et percussions pour former une boucle en couches successives. Des licks apparemment aléatoires sont rassemblées dans un dénouement complexe alors que Whitehorse se déplace et se fusionne encore et encore… Ses prestations musicales sont une célébration en complémentarité de talents mutuels que Luke Doucet et Melissa McClelland ont chacun su affiner chacun dans sa propre carrière.

—National Music Center.

Un duo musical parmi les plus populaires en tournée vient vous livrer une prestation unique dans l’amphithéâtre le plus « cool » de la planète. #MeetMeAtTheHaskell le 5 juillet, et venez faire connaissance avec Whitehorse !Le profil de Whitehorse a augmenté de façon exponentielle avec chaque nouvelle chanson. Ils réussissent à remplir Massey Hall, une des salles de spectacles les plus prestigieuses au Canada. L’année dernière, Whitehorse a remporté un prix Juno, livrant une prestation en direct lors de cette remise de prix devant un auditoire télévisuel évalué dans les millions de téléspectateurs. Les faits saillants de l’évènement rapporté dans la presse américaine incluaient du temps d’antenne sur les émissions ‘Morning Edition’ et ‘Weekend Edition » du réseau de la radio publique nationale (NPR), ainsi que la page couverture de Rolling Stone Magazine, le Wall Street Journal, Paste, et plus encore.

Un duo musical parmi les plus populaires en tournée vient vous livrer une prestation unique dans l’amphithéâtre le plus ‘cool’ de la planète. #MeetMeAtTheHaskell le 5 juillet faites connaissance avec Whitehorse !


0616 – An Evening with The Mae Trio

An Evening with The Mae Trio

$20 CAD. Doors open at 6.30 pm. Concert begins at 7.30 pm.

All the way from Australia, Melbourne’s The Mae Trio return to Stanstead QC/Derby Line VT with their unique contemporary twist on folk music with their sophomore album, Take Care Take Cover, which was released in April 2017.

Their debut album, Housewarming earned them Folk Alliance Australia Youth Award and NFSA Folk Recording of the Year and saw them tour Australia, Canada, USA and Europe with performances at the Hydro Stadium at Celtic Connection, Glasgow, Americana Folk Festival, Nashville, Cambridge Folk Festival, UK Edmonton Folk Festival, Canada, and Port Fairy and National Folk Festivals, Australia.

The trio comprising of Maggie Rigby (banjo, ukulele, guitar and vocals), sister Elsie Rigby (violin, ukulele and vocals and Anita Hillman (cello, bass and vocals), grew up steeped in music. Elsie and Maggie played in their family band and spent their childhood going to music festivals and camps, choir rehearsals and concerts while Anita with her classical pianist mother and folk enthusiast father, grew up playing in orchestras, string quartets and jazz ensembles.

When Maggie and Elsie asked Anita to play the cello on an album they were recording with their family band in 2011, little did any of them know they were embarking on an adventure which would change their lives, and see them throw in the towel of their regular jobs/degrees/lives.

The trio decamped to Nashville Tennessee to record with producer and engineer Erick Jaskowiak (Crooked Still, Tim O’Brien, Darrell Scott, The Waifs). The album features guest performances by The Stray Bird’s Maya De’Vitry; Darrell Scott, The Time Jumper’s Jeff Taylor; Victor Krauss; Jano Rix; and Kai Welch.

0609 – Banjo Dan’s Bluegrass Revue

New England’s top bluegrass show returns to the Haskell Opera House on Friday, June 9 at 7:30 PM.  Since 2013 a top draw at this fabled theatre straddling the US/Canada border at Derby Line, Vermont and Stanstead, Quebec, the show has moved to an early summer slot for the first time. Bluegrass fans on both sides of the line are invited to kick off a summer of great music with New England bluegrass at its best.

The Revue once again combines the talents of two of the best in the business.  Bob Amos & Catamount Crossing has emerged as the top bluegrass band in the Northeast.  Led by award-winning songwriter Bob Amos, this band has it all.  The vocal mix, featuring Bob and Sarah Amos, runs the gamut from hard-edged to bluesy, dynamic to soulful.  The instrumental work on banjo, fiddle and mandolin is brilliant.  The band’s last two CDs have gained several “best of” rewards and their stage show never fails to excite audiences wherever they play.

The Sky Blue Boys – Banjo Dan and Willy Lindner – carry on in the tradition of the legendary Banjo Dan and the Mid-nite Plowboys, who first brought bluegrass to the Haskell in 2000 and enjoyed a huge following around the Northeast for four decades.  Augmented this year by the stellar Carrie Cook on bass, they offer up a fascinating mix of traditional and original songs, capturing the spirit of the pioneers who put this stirring American music on the map in the middle part of the last century.

“This is a dream team,” says producer Dan Lindner.  “I don’t believe fans of this music will find a better show in the Northeast this summer, and I know for sure they won’t find a better place in which to hear it.  The Haskell Opera House has all the charm and ambience an audience or performer could ask for and has been my favorite venue for years.  We’re looking forward to seeing all our Canadian and Northeast Kingdom fans and delivering another dynamite show this year.”

Tickets are just $20, U.S. or Canadian, available in advance at www.haskellopera.com  / (802)873-3022×205 or (819)876-2471×205 and Catamount Arts, www.catamountix.org / (802)748-2600 or (888)757-5559.  They may also be purchased in advance at Country Thyme Vermont, 60 Route 111 in Derby, VT (802)766-2852 and barring a sellout (always a possibility with this popular show) should be available at the door.

0602 – An intimate concert / Un spectacle intime with/avec Jabbour

Buy Your Tickets Now !

Ce groupe de musiciens versatiles vous invite à fêter en vous laissant inspirer par leur musique tantôt romantique tantôt mordante.

Bien connu sur la scène de musique Québécoise (Jimmy James, Durham Country Poets), le bassiste Carl Rufh emmène des lignes solides et un style bien formé avec des influences jazz, blues et folk.

Pendant son temps libre, Bill Collier accompagne plusieurs grands de la scène blues et Cajun Québécoise (Grouyan Gombo, Pat Loiselle) à la batterie, mais il se met aux percussions, au ukulele et à la composition avec Jabbour, son projet principal.

Guillaume Jabbour est inspiré de la musique traditionelle de la Louisiane et du Québec, le swing ainsi que la chanson francophone. Il accepte ses influences et les utilise pour créer des chansons modernes avec des touches traditionelles.

Des harmonies vocales somptueuses viennent ajouter au jeu unique de ces musiciens pour faire d’eux des artistes d’une rare sensibilité.

La musique de Jabbour, appréciée à travers le pays par les amateurs de contes, de musique traditionelle et folk, a comme objectif de rassembler les deux solitudes qui existent en harmonie au quotidien de plusieurs Canadiens.

Jabbour brings together some of Montreal’s finest musicians and songwriters.

With a background in jazz, blues and folk, bassist Carl Rufh has been described as this city’s hardest working musician. He brings solid lines and a sense of rhythm like no other to the table.

Often seen and heard behind a drumkit for some of Quebec’s well known Cajun and blues acts (Bayou Saint Laurent, Grouyan Gombo, Pat Loiselle), ukulele in hand, Bill Collier takes a different approach with Jabbour. His percussion choices and techniques (cajon, foot tambourine) solidify the rhythm section.

Singer/songwriters Guillaume Jabbour and Bill Collier blend a bilingual approach to songwriting with chanson francophone and Québécoise, Western Swing and Cajun music.

Walking the line that all too often separates Canada’s two solitudes is what drives Jabbour’s songwriting. Their musical celebration of life’s ordinary (and not so ordinary) events has received acclaim across the country.

0601 – QNEK presents… Page To Stage

0525 – Cajun meets Celtic – An Evening with David Greely and the Rankin/Robertson Duo

An Evening with David Greely, Mairi Rankin & Ailie Robertson at The Haskell.

Doors open at 6.30 pm. The concert will begin promptly at 7.30 pm.

Tickets are available online via Picatic or at The Haskell Box Office on the day of the concert.

Buy Your Tickets Now

Cajun meets Celtic – An Evening with Grammy-nominated David Greely and winner of the ‘Best Group’ in the Live Ireland awards – the Rankin/Robertson Duo !

David Greely’s French Louisiana music is opening a new wing in his tradition. David has taken the swampy syncopations of Cajun music and its renaissance French dialect to new level of sophistication without losing its urgency and texture. In solo acoustic performance, he sounds like two or three fiddles, weaving accompaniment to his vocals as if it’s someone else singing.

Presenting his concerts in English or French, he embraces all the aspects of his heritage that a fiddle and voice can reach- ancient ballads, cane field blues, yearning waltzes and fiery two steps, and melds his ancestral legacy with his own adroit compositions and stories of the rich souls who kept this music and language alive.

David was born in Baton Rouge of Cajun and Irish ancestry, and learned Cajun music on dance hall stages throughout South Louisiana, in the archives of Cajun and Creole music at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette, and from his apprenticeship to Cajun fiddle master and National Heritage Fellow Dewey Balfa. As a founding member of Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys, David toured Folk Festivals worldwide for 23 years, and was nominated for four Grammy Awards. He has received the Louisiana Artist Fellowship Award for Folklife Performance, and is an adjunct instructor of Cajun fiddle at the University of Louisiana.

Winner of ‘Best Group’ in both the Live Ireland awards and the Tradition In Review awards, the Rankin/Robertson Duo are one of the top Celtic acts in the world. With their band The Outside Track, they were ‘Best Live Act’ nominees in the 2013 MG Alba Scots Traditional Music Awards, and won the German Radio Critics Prize 2014, for their latest album Flash Company. Live Ireland called them, ‘Among the top bands in the world – stunning on every cut!’.

Their marriage of Celtic music, song and dance has been rapturously received around the world. They blend fiddle, harp, step-dance and vocals with breathtaking vitality. Their boundless energy and unmistakable joie de vivre has won them a large following around the globe.This duo puts on one amazing show!

Mairi Rankin – One of the hugely influential Rankin Family – legends on the Canadian music scene – she plays fiddle, sings and also step-dances up a storm. Born in Mabou, Nova Scotia, Mairi has been influenced by some of the best Cape Breton traditional musicians and instructors on the island. She has developed her own unique style by being immersed in such a rich musical culture. She has toured nationally and internationally as a solo artist, a sideman and is a member of the Cape Breton Celtic super group Beòlach. She has performed with the Rankin Sisters, Unusual Suspects and Bruce Guthro to name but a few. Mairi has recorded one solo album, two CDs with Beolach and has been featured on numerous compilations and recordings.

Ailie Robertson from Edinburgh is widely regarded as one of Scotland’s leading young traditional musicians. She is a musician in the broadest sense: composer, arranger, teacher, improviser and harp virtuoso. Her accomplishment on the clarsach is such that leading Irish flautist Niall Keegan said: “Ailie’s synthesis of Irish, Scottish and contemporary harping technique into an individual style represents the realization of otherwise unimagined possibilities for the Celtic harp.” Ailie grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, and was immersed in the harp world from an early age. She began playing the clarsach when she was eleven years old and through her piano and clarsach lessons she developed a love for both classical and traditional music. She has won a plethora of awards for her harp playing.

An Evening with Aussie blues guitar virtuoso Geoff Achison at The Haskell

An Evening with Aussie blues guitarslinger Geoff Achison at The Haskell

Tickets $20. Available at the door and online.

Buy Your Tickets Now

Doors open at 6.30 pm. The concert will begin at 7.30 pm.

A jaw-dropping, crowd pleasing guitar virtuoso with a rich vocal style from Melbourne, Australia. Winner of five 2017 Australian Blues Music Awards, including: Album of the Year, Song of the Year, and Artist of the Year.

A self taught musician, he has created his own sound winning, a swag of awards along the way. Whether he is with his Souldiggers group or in our case, simply solo with an acoustic guitar, Geoff’s infectious and inventive style has earned him fans around the world.

He began playing in his father’s dance band at the age of 13. He developed a passion for American blues and learned the rudiments of the art form. In his early 20s he moved to Melbourne and joined with legendary local bluesman ‘Dutch’ Tilders. After several years with Dutch he departed to focus on his own music and embarked on an international campaign. His first stop was the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, USA where he won the ‘Albert King Award’ and was offered an endorsement deal with Gibson Guitars. Not a bad start!

He re-located to the USA for a time and he spent many months on the road performing countless live shows and recording his One Ticket, One Ride album there. In 2008 a Guitar Player magazine reader’s poll listed Geoff as one of the Top 10 ‘Hot New Guitarists’ on the US scene

The passion for jamming has paid off on a personal level too with Geoff being invited onstage at various times with musical heroes such the Allman Brothers Band and even the great Les Paul.